The Auspicious Homecoming: Celebrating Ram Lalla Sthapna Diwas 22 Jan 2024

Introduction – Ram Lalla Sthapna Diwas

On January 22nd 2024, Ayodhya will be the witness to a monumental and emotional event – the Sthapna Diwas ceremony commemorating the formal installation of the Ram Lalla idol in the newly constructed sacred precincts of the Ram Janmabhoomi temple complex. 

Envisioned by saints and seers as ‘Bhavya Ram Mandir’, the grand temple structure is coming to life brick by brick to finally provide a befitting resting place for the revered Ram Lalla murti, in the very spot believed to be the birthplace of Lord Ram in the legendary city of Ayodhya.


Envisioned by spiritual leaders as ‘Bhavya Ram Mandir’, the intricate temple structure is a living testament to principles of faith, unity and harmony in humanity – summoning visitors irrespective of caste, creed or nationality to participate in a monumental milestone for India’s age-old ethos of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ meaning “the world is one family”.

The date carries profound religious significance, as it marks the culmination of a 500-year old aspiration of the Hindu community to reconstruct the Ram Janmabhoomi temple after previous demolishing invasions. The Sthapna ceremony will coincide with the timely completion of primary temple construction, allowing the consecration of Ram Lalla murtis in the new sanctum sanctorum as per traditional Vedic rituals.

Millions to Witness Historic Event 

Massive crowds exceeding lakhs are expected to congregate in Ayodhya throughout the Sthapna Diwas festivities in 2024. 

The Uttar Pradesh state government along with Shri Ram Janmbhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust helming construction efforts, will arrange live public viewing areas with enormous screens and state-of-the-art broadcast equipment to enable worldwide witnessing of rites being conducted by high priests within temple grounds. 

Stakeholders are also collaborating with national railways and transport bodies to facilitate smooth travel arrangements catering to the immense visitor influx over the milestone occasion for Hindu faith. 

Elaborate arrangements are underway to host guests from across India and overseas – many making their maiden pilgrimages drawn intuitively towards the cosmic aura enveloping Ram Janmabhoomi in the days approaching the long-awaited ceremony.

Elaborate Security and Queueing Plans

To organize the leaderless gathering of devotees smoothly, authorities will implement an integrated system of barricading, office access checkpoints, and support from thousands of volunteers spread over all roads leading to Hanuman Garhi area. 

Tactical security units bearing non-lethal crowd control gear will maintain safety buffers around proceedings and prevent overcrowding. 

Designated entry gates will manage orderly admission queues, with multiple barricaded walkways guiding human chains stepwise towards Ram Janmabhoomi premises one section at a time during the ceremony. 

Giant LED screens near security turnstiles will live telecast Havan yajnas to provide waiting visitors constant connectivity with happenings inside the temple campus right until their turn finally arrives after necessary waiting.

Festivities to Last Week Long

The Ram Lalla Sthapna Diwas will set things rolling on 22 January with the key installation ritual. This will then be followed by nearly week-long festivities made up of daily worship ceremonies like Sudarshan Havan Yagya, Sri Ramlala Nom Vidhi, Jalabhishek and culminating in a Mahaarti.


Nearly two hundred thousand earthen lamps will adorn all streets in Ayodhya during the celebration week as symbolic gestures of aarti welcoming Ram Lalla. 

Cultural shows, religious discourses by saints, mass community kitchens serving devotees, nightly projection mapping shows on Ayodhya heritage sites will sustain continuous excitement.  The grand activities will fittingly match the momentous sentiment held by occasion, as savored by both dedicants and visitors from India and overseas alike.

The Sthapna ceremony on 22nd January will initiate weeklong cultural programs Like Sudarshan Yagya, Abhishekam, Sthapna Mahostav Bhajan sandhya and Ramlala Aarti Darshan – allowing all visitors immerse in spiritual and community revelry with renewing daily vigor even as thousands keep pouring in continuously to receive Lord Ram’s blessings. Souvenirs will carry memories for a lifetime!

Once In Lifetime Experience

For the majority of the masses, the 2024 Sthapna Diwas events will provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience to participate in RAM Lalla’s auspicious homecoming. Normal darshans post-ceremonies will simply fail matching the magical aura and divine sensation generated by these inaugural festivities filled with spirituality personified.

Jai Shri Ram –

If bidding was taking place, cost would easily exceed lakhs for event pass NFTs! Fortunately the Uttar Pradesh government has pledged access for all pilgrims without discrimination. Attendee registration bookings on official websites are expected to open 12 months prior accommodating epic demand influx. 

Bhavya Ram Mandir Sanctum Design 

As per released site plans, the main temple’s sanctum sanctorum cellar measures 20 feet length and breadth, with a planned height of about 90 feet encompassing 5 floors. This cellar forms the precise point of Lord Ram’s birth, directly below the earlier central dome housing Ram Lalla Viraajman idols since 1949.

The ceremony shall involve ritual bathing and dressing of idols in regal attire, before commencing sacred installation at this cellar base through chanting of Vedic mantras by high priests. 

Post-ceremony, devotees can glimpse the installed idols every day during regularly scheduled darshan timings at the temple. As per architectural drawings, the primary temple sanctum is visualized not as a monumental skyscraper but a modestly sized structure focused instead on bringing divinity closer to human level.

This mirrors the compassionate simplicity of Shri Ram’s own legendary life chronicled for posterity – reminding us how supremacy rests not in outward displays of might, but daily living as ideal empathetic beings through every interaction.


The Destiny of Being There!

For fervent followers who manage to secure entry passes to the foundation stone consecration ceremony on January 22nd 2024, it shall be a soul awakening experience to bow heads before Ram Lalla in the first light of historic new dawn for Sanatana Hindu dharma!

For all fortunate visitors witnessing these 2024 Ram Lalla Sthapna Diwas ceremonies first-hand, the shared experience will doubtlessly resound as spiritual awakening to our latent goodness amidst crowds unified in sonorous chants of “Siyavar Ramchandra ki Jai!”

One may never again see such colossal manifestation of faith and sacred sentiment converging collectively upon Ayodhya – as embodiments of Shri Ram return to his rightful home after years of struggle, sacrifice and unwavering patience against powerful oppressive forces.

The resonant message shines as a beacon unto the world, propelling unique Indian values of satya and dharma to loftier ideals of universal peace, empathy and justice through grassroots unity.

Construction of Shri Janmabhoomi Temple – 3D Movie

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  1. When is Ram Lalla Sthapna Diwas 2024 and what does it commemorate?

Ram Lalla Sthapna Diwas 2024 is on January 22nd. It commemorates the formal installation ceremony of the Ram Lalla deity in the new sanctum sanctorum of the majestic Ram Mandir constructed at Ram Janmabhoomi site in Ayodhya, the exact spot believed to be Lord Ram’s birthplace.

  1. How can one attend the 2024 Ram Lalla Sthapna celebrations?

Massive crowds are expected onsite for the 2024 Ram Lalla installation event. One would need to apply in advance once visitor registrations open 12 months prior for limited entry passes. Pilgrims entering Ayodhya itself during the milestone week shall witness city-wide festivities like ritual worship ceremonies, cultural shows, bhajan-kirtans etc.

  1. What is the daily ceremony schedule during 2024 Ram Lalla Sthapna week?

Beginning Jan 22 with Sudarshan Havan Yagya – weeklong daily events feature ceremonial bathing of Ram Lalla murti, nominal installation ritual, chanting by priests, special prayer meets, collective community meals serving devotees, Ram katha recitals finally culminating in a Maha Aarti on conclusion.

  1. How to reach Ayodhya conveniently for 2024 Ram Mandir Sthapna?

Ayodhya unveils vastly boosted national access through trains like special Sthapna Express, flight shuttles from nearby Faizabad Airport, AC buses from UP cities. Local transport featues e-bike rentals, taxi and tempo services to commute conveniently between outer points to the main Janmabhoomi temple site as per personal preference.

  1. What are the unique attractions to explore in Ayodhya beyond Ram Mandir visits?

The lavish Ram Katha Sangralaya offers intriguing walkthrough of Lord Ram’s entire exile period episode covering all key locations he travelled through via 400+ stunning large-scale sculptures in 2 floors. One can also indulge in the vibrant local bazaars, multi-cuisine eateries and pronunciation perfect Hindi spoken everywhere in the holy city.

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